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Privacy and Dignity

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Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity is one of 15 Care Certificate standards you must successfully complete to be awarded the Care Certificate. These learning resources have been designed to support you with the theoretical knowledge that underpins each standard. In order to achieve the standard, you will need to demonstrate to your assessor the application of the theory you have studied in your place of work. In Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity you will learn what is meant by privacy and dignity and the types of situations where an individual’s privacy and dignity could be compromised. You will learn why it is important not to disclose anything about the individual that they may wish to be kept private, unless it is appropriate to do so, and ways of helping individuals to make informed choices. You will also learn about how risk assessment processes can be used to support the right of individuals to make their own decisions, why personal views must not influence an individual’s own choices or decisions, and how valuing people contributes to active participation.

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