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Work in a person centred way

Senior Patient with Walker

Standard 5: Work in a Person-centred Way is one of 15 Care Certificate standards you must successfully complete to be awarded the Care Certificate. These learning resources have been designed to support you with the theoretical knowledge that underpins each standard. In order to achieve the standard, you will need to demonstrate to your assessor the application of the theory you have studied in your place of work. In Standard 5: Work in a Person-centred Way you will learn about why it is important to work in a way that promotes people-centred values and how to put these values into practice. You will find out why it is important to find out about a person’s history, preferences, wishes and needs and how these should be reflected in their care and/or support plan. You will learn about ways to promote dignity and why it is important to support individuals in planning for their future wellbeing and fulfilment, including end-of-life care.

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