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Understanding Performance Management is a practical continuing professional development (CPD) module aimed at registered managers and other managers currently working in adult social care services.

The programme is delivered through one interactive module covering the objectives below:

■ understanding the performance management cycle including processes for managing different types of performance

■ understanding of disciplinary and grievance, causes of poor performance and how to minimise them

■ awareness of strategies to improve performance

■ awareness of managing and retaining high-performing staff

■ understand how to give feedback and manage difficult conversations

■ awareness of cultures that encourage confidence, responsibility and accountability

■ understanding effective role modelling, coaching and mentoring.

How it helps managers

This CPD module will help managers to explore the performance management cycle, recognise that people perform differently and utilise tools and techniques available. Unlike undertaking formal qualifications, which can often feel like a solitary process, this CPD module connects managers with their peers. Managers will understand how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support them in their day-to-day work. They’ll be challenged to put these into practice, boosting their capacity to lead and manage effectively. The module includes an emphasis on reflection, helping managers to learn from their day-to-day experiences and think about how they can do things differently or get better at recognising what they do well.


Who offers it?

This learning programme is exclusively available only from Skills for Care’s endorsed training providers. Silas Care Services Luton is a Skills for Care Endorsed Training Provider. 


Is there funding available?

Yes, adult social care employers in England can claim up to £125 per staff member on completion of Well-led. Read more about Skills for Care’s Workforce Development Fund here.

How long does it take?

Understanding Performance Management is a one-day course.

For registration contact us at

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