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Leading Change Improving Care is a practical leadership development programme aimed at registered managers and other managers currently working in adult social care services.

The programme is delivered through five interactive modules covering the objectives below:

■ leading and managing the process of change within your team and organisation

■ facilitating change sensitively and building resilience for change

■ successful leadership skills and behaviours

■ managing hard-to-reach colleagues and those resistant to change to improve the performance of teams

■ coaching and development

■ improving personal effectiveness and time management

How it helps managers

Leading Change Improving Care (LCIC) is a national development programme for new and experienced managers of adult social care services. The learning programme is grounded in the reality of social care delivery and takes a practical look at how to influence and implement the necessary changes to meet current and future challenges and service needs in health and social care. It explores how to lead and manage change within teams and organisations and provides tools and techniques to drive change and ultimately improve the quality of care delivered. LCIC enables participants to consider their own leadership styles. It focuses on the impact these have on themselves and their team, how to become a more effective leader and how to influence and motivate teams. There is a strong emphasis on mentoring and coaching and how to identify and nurture skills in other people to develop high performing teams and grow future talent. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to work with and share issues and ideas with peers within the sector.


Who offers it?

This learning programme is exclusively available only from Skills for Care’s endorsed training providers. Silas Care Services Luton is a Skills for Care Endorsed Training Provider. 


Is there funding available?

Yes, adult social care employers in England can claim up to £500 per staff member on completion of Well-led. Read more about Skills for Care’s Workforce Development Fund.

How long does it take?

The five modules are usually delivered over a four month period, enabling learning from each module to be put into practice between sessions. The programme can be delivered flexibly over five days of normal business working hours, or eight half days and a full day, or a different pattern appropriate to delivery choice and/or audience. Learners are expected to attend each of the five learning and development modules that make up the programme and will only be able to receive a certificate of completion if they have participated in all five modules. There may also be an option to engage in inter-sessional tasks and engagement with other resources provided on the programme.

For registration contact us at

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