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Duty of Care

Caregiver with Patient

Standard 3: Duty of Care one of 15 Care Certificate standards you must successfully complete to be awarded the Care Certificate. These learning resources have been designed to support you with the theoretical knowledge that underpins each standard. In order to achieve the standard, you will need to demonstrate to your assessor the application of the theory you have studied in your place of work. In Standard 3: Duty of Care you will learn about the duty of care you have to all those receiving care and support in your workplace. This means promoting wellbeing and making sure that people are kept safe from harm, abuse and injury. Duty of care is a legal requirement; you cannot choose whether to accept it. It applies as soon as someone has care or treatment. Breaking this duty, for example through negligence, could result in legal action. Your duty of care is also to other workers, for example, in a hospital, to doctors, nurses and healthcare support workers but also to caterers, cleaners and maintenance workers. If you are a home care worker you will probably work alone in a variety of homes, but there may well be other people in the premises, as well as whoever you are there to support. Your duty of care is to each individual and to the other workers you come into contact with in the community.

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