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Your Personal Development

Young Scientist

Standard 2: Your Personal Development is one of 15 Care Certificate standards you must successfully complete to be awarded the Care Certificate. These learning resources have been designed to support you with the theoretical knowledge that underpins each standard. In order to achieve the standard, you will need to demonstrate to your assessor the application of the theory you have studied in your place of work. In Standard 2: Your Personal Development you will learn about how personal development happens throughout your life. At work, it starts with agreeing your aims and objectives, and thinking about your strengths and development needs. You then set goals so that you can meet your objectives and make the most of your talent. For those new to health and social care, the Care Certificate is the beginning of your learning and will usually form part of your induction. All good employers will want to develop their workers further over time. A development plan to achieve this might be agreed during your induction period or during a review at a later date. 

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