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Understanding Your Role 

Young Scientist

Standard 1: Understanding your role is one of 15 Care Certificate standards you must successfully complete to be awarded the Care Certificate. These learning resources have been designed to support you with the theoretical knowledge that underpins each standard. In order to achieve the standard, you will need to demonstrate to your assessor the application of the theory you have studied in your place of work.

In Standard 1: Understanding your Role, you will learn about the tasks, behaviours and standards expected from you at work, as well as the standards and codes of conduct that will support you in your role. It is a good idea to re-read your job description as part of your learning for this standard as it outlines your main duties and responsibilities, as well as who you report to. If you have any questions about what is expected, you should raise this with your mentor/assessor. In addition to the role set out within your job description, you will also be expected to communicate well, build relationships, follow agreed ways of working, keep and file clear records, support team members, promote equality and diversity and respect confidentiality. 

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