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Peristeen plus balloon catheter


This training is aimed at healthcare professionals (HCPs) who want to learn how to effectively select, train and support patients in the confident and competent use of Peristeen® Plus.
Patients must be trained to use Peristeen Plus Transanal Irrigation under clinical supervision but, when they are confident to do so, many will successfully use Peristeen Plus without assistance in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.
Because every patient is different, the initial outcomes of Peristeen Plus Transanal Irrigation can vary from individual to individual. That is why it is important for you to help patients set the right expectations before they start irrigating at home. Establishing a person
alised routine is an important next step to achieving effective and predictable bowel management in the longer term.  
Peristeen® Plus with balloon catheter is a water-based transanal irrigation system designed to help empty the bowel. The irrigation is performed by introducing water into the bowel via the rectum using a balloon catheter while sitting on the toilet. The balloon catheter helps to create a seal in the rectum to keep the water in the bowel and is available in two sizes: regular and small. (Ref: Coloplast Ltd -Peristeen® Plus toolkit)

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